Kinetrol Vane Actuators

Kinetrol Quarter Turn Pneumatic Vane Actuators

Kinetrol Vane Actuators are the simplest and most reliable mechanism for quarter-turn rotary actuation. They feature a single moving part (Vane) with no cranks or gearing for acurate positioning without power loss or backlash.

Kinetrol provides the following direct mounting control modules:

Fail-Safe spring return modules
Limit switches
Solenoid valves

The actuators are compact and have a durable corrosion resistant finish.

Kinetrol actuators provide a long maintenance-free life: Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.

Other options include:

Spring Fail-Safe Electric Actuators
180 Degree Actuators
Damper Drive Configurations
Stainless Steel Housing
Maunal Gear Overides

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