Top Quality Valve Manufacturers


CEC Valve Automation

Full Service Valve Automation Design and Fabrication,
Brackets, Couplings, Limit Switches, Positioners

Globe Valves, High-Performance Butterfly , Plug 2, 3, & 4 WayResilient-Seated Butterfly, V-Port Ball, Eccentric Plug, Rotary Control, Knifegate


Metal Seated Ball Valves, Torqseal Triple Offset Butterfly Valves, Soft Seated Ball Valves, Top Entry Ball Valves Wafer Style, Check Valves, API 602/603 Gate, Globe & Check Valves, Pressure Seal Valves, Capping Valves

Steam Traps, Gas/Air Traps, Regulators, Condensate Return Pumps/Systems, TrapMan™ Predictive Maintenance Systems

Serving TN Only

Leslie Controls

Severe Service Control Valves, Pressure & Temperature Regulators

Process Ball Valves, General Purpose Ball Valves, Gear Operators, Rubberlined Butterfly Valves

Badger Meter

Research Control Valves
Low Flow Control Valves

SureSeal Valves

Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves, Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn actuators


Metal-Seated Butterfly Valves, Fabricated Dampers"Faircoseal" Butterfly Valves

PBV Union Tech

Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves,
Power Valves, Process Valves, Severe Service Repairs

Hytork Actuators
Rack & Pinion Actuators

Advanced Composite Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves

Bettis Actuators
Rack & Pinion Actuators, Scotch Yoke Actuators Gas/Hydraulic Actuators, Electric & Hydraulic Actuators

Crane Valve

Duo-Chek II Valves, Noz-Chek Valves

Sampling Valves, Drain Valves, Diverter & Mixing Valves, Line Blinds, and Custom Fabrication & Repair

Westlock Controls

Position Indicators & Switches Intelligent, Network Valve Position Monitors

Vane Actuators
Double Acting & Spring Return
Limit Switches & Positioners

On/Off Pinch Valves, Modulating Pinch Valves

2, 3, & 4 Way Solenoid Valves, Manifold Mount Solenoid Valves, Dust Collector Solenoid Valves, Angle Body Piston Valves, Air Filter Regulators, VMS Valve Monitoring Systems

Permaseal Plug Valves (Tapered plug design) for Clean, Viscous, and Corrosive liquids; Available in high alloys and steam jackets and Key Port Eccentric Plug Valves


Flanged Ball Valves, 3-Piece Ball Valves,
Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

Electric Quarter & Multi-Turn Actuators,
Gearboxes, & Pneumatic Scotch-Yoke Actuators

High quality spring loaded poppet style check valves for silent service.  Multiple configuration styles and custom designs.