CEC Valve Actuation

The CEC Actuation group specializes in valve and damper automation. We specialize in difficult automation applications. We offer the following:

Quality: We follow a set procedure for all automation applications. We use only stainless steel brackets, couplings, and fasteners.

Flexibility: We specialize in difficult applications where space is at a premium, extensions are required,  special mounting considerations are required, or jackets are needed.

Reliability: All assemblies are completely tested and certified to meet your specifications. We serialize all assemblies and maintain a database of all automated valves and their components. All test data is maintained in our database.

Our capabilities are as follows: 



  • Ball Valves: ¼ - 24”
  • Butterfly Valves: 2 – 48”
  • Plug Valves: ½ - 24”
  • Gate & Globe Valves: ½ - 12”
  • Knife Gate Valves: 3 – 48”
  • Pneumatic (Spring Return & Double Acting)
  • Electric (120 – 480 VAC)

  • Positioners: Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Smart
  • Switches: Mechanical, Proximity, Network (ASI, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus)
  • Solenoids: Pad and Nipple Mounted

CEC Valve ActuationThis drain valve was specified with a steam jacket and a six foot actuator extension for mounting under a reactor with multiple nozzles. The extension has bearings at both ends to prevent side loading of the valve stem which would result in pre-mature packing leaks.


This high pressure 3100# ball valve is designed for use in power plant applications where ZERO leakage is required. The mounting bracket and coupling are designed to allow for mechanical open and closed travel stops, easily visible valve position indication, and positive location of the coupling to the valve stem. The actuator features high temperature o-rings and the complete assembly is tested at 300, 500, and 1000 PSIG for ZERO leakage before the assembly is shipped.


CEC Valve ActuationThese 24” triple off-set 600# buttefly valves were supplied as main steam isolation valves for use in a combined cycle power plant. The valves and electric motor operators were assembled and tested in our facility.



CEC Valve Actuation

Special actuation requirements can be met such as this diaphragm valve. The customer required a standard diaphragm actuator vs the typical close coupled diaphragm to valve design offered by their existing supplier. We provided a custom bonnet that accepted the mounting of a standard linear diaphragm actuator.



CEC Valve ActuationThe customer required a soft seated ball valve with a chain lever operator to be mounted twelve feet above grade. The chain lever is attached to the valve stem so it can’t come loose and become an overhead falling hazard.


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