TLV is a world leader in the development of specialty products for steam, gas, and air service. Products manufactured by TLV include: steam traps, gas/air traps, regulators, automated control valves, condensate return pumps/systems, vacuum steam heating systems, and TrapMan™ predictive maintenance systems for effective steam trap testing and population management. TLV has over 50 years experience providing superior technical service to many diverse industries including; power (fossil & nuclear), refineries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, carpet/textile, tire and rubber manufacturing, food and beverage, and institutions.

TLV’s philosophy, “Providing Engineered Solutions”, is realized by a dedication to satisfy the customer and deliver value through utilization of quality products and Consulting & Engineering Services (CES). As a result of TLV’s emphasis on quality, we have achieved third party validation of compliance to international standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 7841 (Automatic Steam Traps - Determination of Steam Loss – Test Methods). The judgment accuracy of TrapMan™ has also been independently validated by Lloyds Register. TLV’s service capabilities are supported by a staff of twenty (20) Certified Energy Managers (accredited by the Association of Energy Engineers and North Carolina State University), who utilize their training and experience to improve plant efficiency and performance.

TLV’s patented “Free Float™” steam traps are recognized for their tight-seal design to prevent steam losses even in the most demanding high pressure applications, and provide the best combination of reliability and energy conservation. TLV’s Thermodyneä disc traps include lapped and polished “mirror finish” discs, inline replaceable modules, and a patented thermostatic air vent for fast start-ups. Maximum ease of installation and maintenance is achieved with TLV’s QuickTrapä Series, which utilize a permanently mounted stainless steel strainer/2-bolt connector that enables a trap change-out in a matter of minutes with either a Free Float, Thermodynamic or Thermostatic model. TLV’s PowerTrapä range provides the most complete solutions for maximizing heat exchanger performance and other condensate drainage applications. TLV’s “COSPECTä” (three-in-one pressure regulator, separator and steam trap) is unique in the world, provides built-in noise attenuation on large sizes, and includes the MC-COS automated control valve and actuator with controller capabilities that allow for substantial performance improvement over traditional PID control.

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